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Choosing a university is hard.

Where you go to college should help you grow as a person and an artist.

Alabama School of the Arts offers

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UNIQUE PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES so you can hone your craft.

A CHRISTIAN ENVIRONMENT so you can grow in your faith.

Quality Academics.

At ASOTA you'll receive expert guidance from world-class professors who will know your name.

They bring decades of experience to you in the classroom, ensuring you are an expert when you graduate.

Unique Performance Opportunities.

ASOTA offers a wide range of performance opportunities every year, giving our students the chance to spend more time ON THE STAGE than anywhere else.

The Roger Breland Center for Performing Arts provides students with countless performance opportunities locally and abroad through an annual Performing Arts Series and ensemble participation.

See how you will fit ON THE STAGE in ASOTA.

Strong Christian Environment.

ASOTA is a place where faculty, staff, and students encourage each other to grow in their faith.

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A Letter from Our Dean, Dr. Andrew Goodwin

Dear Future ASOTA Student,

The search for the perfect college - one of the most exciting, challenging and intimidating journeys of your life. It is a time filled with apprehension, self-reflection and a lot of questions. I remember what it felt like to be in your shoes and be overwhelmed by the multitude of options and possibilities.

Pursuing the arts in college should not mean sacrificing academics, performance opportunities or your faith. Where you go to college should help you grow as a person and an artist. ASOTA is not just a school; it's a community where you can grow academically, artistically, and spiritually. Whether you are a production technician, instrumentalist, actor, dancer, vocalist, or worship leader - you will have more opportunities than anywhere else. You will receive expert guidance, both in the classroom and on the stage so that you are ready thrive after graduation.

I remember what it felt like to choose ASOTA. Now, I can look back and see it was one of the best choices I ever made. I am confident this could be the perfect place for you to cultivate your artistic talents, pursue academical excellence and join a community of Christ followers who call ASOTA their home.

I cannot wait to meet you.

Dr. Andrew Goodwin

A Letter from the Founder of ASOTA

Welcome...GET READY! You are NOT going to believe what you are about to experience! It's more than is an UNBELIEVABLE journey that is about to impact and change your life forever.

Just are about to be surrounded by hundreds of students that love to do what YOU love to do! You will study with amazing and dedicated professors; professors that care about you and will always be available to assist on your journey!

Consider the following campus opportunities: Christmas Spectacular, Theater Productions, Ignite Worship, University Singers, Spring Spectacular, Symphonic Winds, RamCorps, Voices of Mobile, Piano Ensemble, Opera, Dance and more. Additionally, consider recording in our Fisher-Brewer Recording Studio with 8Eighty Records. Martin Hall, the ASOTA home, houses a world class recording facility. Our ensembles have presented concerts from Carnegie Hall to China. Our students have interned from Alaska to the Philippines. Every weekend, these ensembles are touring regionally while the summers offer incredible international touring opportunities.

Ministry is the heart of our campus and our department. God continues to change and challenge the lives of our students as they strive to be excellent both musically and spiritually. Our graduates are in high demand as worship leaders, teachers, graphic artists, music industry leaders, traveling Christian artists, music missionaries, actors, performers in theme parks and cruise ships, production technicians and more!

Does this sound like FUN??? Our answer is YES! We have prayed for you and now we have the wonderful opportunity to WELCOME you to campus. We are ASOTA and you are too!

Dr. Roger Breland
Dean Emeritus,
Executive Director of the Roger Breland Center for Performing Arts