Department of Worship Leadership

You will be known and prayed for. You will be challenged musically and spiritually. You will graduate ready for a life-long career in worship ministry.

Dr. Steve Bowersox

Department Chair
“We believe today’s church needs effective leaders who are experiencing the presence of God. We equip worship leaders to be excellent in their craft and sound in their theology. I am Dr. Steve Bowersox and we are here to help you become the leader you were called to be!”

Worship Leadership and Music, Church Ministry Track, B.S.

Excellence is the goal for worship leadership students in the Alabama School of the Arts. Extensive opportunities for performance allow students to put classroom lessons into practice before audiences of thousands. Earning your BS in Worship Leadership will provide you with the knowledge and capability to develop a successful and healthy ministry.

Worship Leadership and Music, Music Business Track, B.S.

Thanks to the modern innovations of the music industry, the ability to create and lead worship has never been greater. The BS in Worship Leadership, Music Business concentration will arm you with the music skills, biblical understanding and industry know-how to launch your music career.

Worship Leadership and Music, Education Track, B.S.

Educating worshipers and worship leaders is a great responsibility, and those in this incredible role of leadership need great preparation. Develop your skills in the classroom and on the platform with first-hand training through our BS in Worship Leadership, Education Concentration. Our graduates are prepared to shape the future of worship in churches with musical knowledge, biblical understanding and the relational development to build healthy and thriving ministries.

Production Technologies, B.S.

It's the artist behind the camera, the console, and the switcher that bring an event to life. Graduates from this program will be armed with the understanding and skills to combine the elements of audio, video and lighting into live and recorded events that impact audiences beyond measure.

Worship Leadership & Theology, M.A.

Worship Leaders serving the church today must often choose between a graduate degree that helps them excel in the arts or one that strengthens their theological foundation.

We don’t think you should have to choose.

The Master of Arts in Worship Leadership & Theology is designed to deepen the Worship Leader’s theological framework while providing practical, hands-on training in the arts, technology, and ministry leadership.

What job can I get with a Worship Leadership degree?

Our alumni are touring artists, songwriters, worship pastors, and more....

Interested in Graduate Studies?

Learn, be challenged and grow as a part of our 21st-century classroom for music, performance and worship. In the Alabama School of the Arts Graduate Studies Department at the University of Mobile, you have the opportunity to work with world-class teachers-artists who are active in their field, all in an environment of care, collaboration and support.

What does NAME think about the Worship Leadership program?

"I now serve as a full-time worship leader and have had the opportunity to travel the world leading others in worship with Elevation and Israel Houghton. I chose UM because the opportunity to travel on the weekends and actually lead worship while I was learning was unlike any other school I had visited. Had I not had my time at UM and in Voices of Mobile, I don’t think I would have been ready for the constant change touring brings." – Anna Sailors Pinkham, BS Worship Leadership | 2015

"My time at the University of Mobile brought me life-long friendships and hands-on professional experience while facilitating an environment where I could grow deeper in God's Word. After completing the Worship Leadership program, I then went to Liberty University to pursue my master’s in music education which I received in 2017. I am currently a music professor at Jacksonville State University and I absolutely love it. It's truly an honor to return and teach on a collegiate level in my hometown. I also serve as the Worship Pastor for Cathedral of Praise in Gadsden, AL. Further, I am currently a second-year law student at Birmingham School of Law, pursuing my Juris doctorate. While in college at UM, I began writing my first book. Since then, I have authored two best-selling Bible studies and am currently writing my third book." – Tori Paris Stigle, BS Worship Leadership | 2016

“The reason I loved attending UM is because I was surrounded by so much talent. Being a WL major is such a fun challenge. From learning music theory to forming biblical theology, ASOTA has the best faculty and staff who mentor students in order to succeed in whatever form of ministry they have been called to. Not only did I grow on the music side of this degree, but also biblically. The professors take pride in helping me grow spiritually, which is most important, and for that I am grateful.” – Grant Bias, BS Worship Leadership | 2021

"Being in the Alabama School of the Arts has given me the greatest tools I could ever need in preparation for my career. When I reflect on my time in this department, I can’t help but cherish the influential relationships that have been so important in my journey at the University of Mobile. From professors to peers, all have given me new perspectives to carry with me. ASOTA can be summed up in one word, people. It all comes down to the people who have taught me much and loved me well. Without their heart for the Lord and their passion to their calling, I would never be where I am today. I will always be grateful for the Alabama School of the Arts." – Drew Fitzgerald, BS Worship Leadership | 2021


The Process is Simple.

1. Audition for our faculty.
2. Apply to the University of Mobile.