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Today’s world demands a different kind of artist.

The Alabama School of the Arts is equipped to provide you with valuable, versatile, and creative professional training through a 21st-century course of study. We offer professional-level experience in performing arts, while intentionally cross-training in various styles, allowing you limitless possibilities upon graduation.

We understand the ever-evolving and highly competitive music, graphic design and visual arts industries, which is why we have created a collaborative program that increases the skill and creativity of artistry in your career.

What does NAME think about the ASOTA experience?

"There is just something in the air that is different. I think that ASOTA, while completely diverse in specialties and interests, really acts like a larger-scale blended family. Not everyone may be directly involved with each other, and it is almost guaranteed that you may not ever learn everyone’s name in the whole school. However, the level of eagerness and care each student and faculty member share for the program definitely shows." – Eric Botto, MM Vocal Performance, 2020

“The connections made while participating in ASOTA have opened doors that I never thought would be an option for me. The professors create an environment that allows you to grow and succeed not only in your field of study, but also in life. Now, I teach others about the importance of music and performing while also performing in the 151st Army National Guard Band.” – John Calcotte, Music Education, 2019

"To say that the University of Mobile is the greatest private institution in the South is a definite understatement. I have been surrounded by not only a Christ-centered university, but a Christ-centered staff as well. You can see the spirit of the Lord radiating off of every single person on this campus. From traveling in an ensemble to being crowned Miss University of Mobile 2019, I have always been led to live a life that points to Jesus, and for that I am thankful." – Raven Young, Worship Leadership & Education, 2021

"Art Professors Megan Cary and Phillip Counselman made all of the difference in my education at UM. They created a learning atmosphere that was personally invested in each individual student's learning style. They made sure that I was provided with ample opportunities to intern with various professionals and businesses in the Mobile area and practice interviewing for future jobs." – Julianne Patterson, Graphic Design, 2018