Department of Theatre

A supportive place to study theatre.

In the classroom, our faculty will know you.
On the stage, you will become a confident performer.
When you graduate, you will be a versatile and authentic artist.

Stewart Hawley

Department Chair
“Become the performer you were created to be. We do all things for the sake of the gospel, so that we may become fellow partakers of it. This is what makes us better artists and helps us to connect to the truth of art. We train our actors to become authentic and creative for stage and film. We seek to help equip our performers with the tools they need to become successful after graduation.”

Theatre Department Degrees

Exceptional faculty and classroom training.
Many performance opportunities.
Environment shaped from the Christian perspective.

Performance, Acting, B.F.A.

The artistry of taking stories of humanity and bringing them to life on at stage requires skill, insight and understanding. This professional degree is a comprehensive pre-professional program combining fundamental and cutting-edge actor training focused on Meisner, Adler, and Uta Hagan. The BFA equips you for the real world of auditioning and preparing for a role in film and stage. Earn your BFA in Acting with the Alabama School of the Arts.

Performance, Musical Theatre, B.F.A.

You were called to create, to bring stories to life on the stage. Earning your BFA in Musical Theatre will prepare you as an actor and musician as you receive the training you need to enter the professional world. You will learn to showcase your abilities and talents while preserving and refining your individuality through the disciplines of acting, singing and dance.

Musical Theatre, M.A.

Continue your theatrical training and earn your masters degree in one year through the Master of Arts in Musical Theatre with Alabama School of the Arts. This degree will prepare you as an advanced professional practitioner or teacher of theatrical practice as you become a vested marketable performer in theatre. As a graduate of this degree program, you will also be prepared to further your educational training and goals toward a DMA or DFA.

Theatre Minor

A love for theatre doesn't just go away. Continue growing as a performer, regardless of your major, with a minor in Theatre. Complete 18 hours of Theatre coursework and audition to participate in all main stage productions.

But, what job can I get with a theatre degree?

The options are endless...

Interested in Graduate Studies?

Learn, be challenged and grow. In the Alabama School of the Arts Graduate Studies Department at the University of Mobile, you have the opportunity to work with world-class educators who are active in their field, all in an environment of care, collaboration and support.

What does NAME think about the Music program?

"The Alabama School of the Arts has been a place where I am safe to create and grow not only as a performer, but as a person. I am surrounded by artists and faculty who push me and do not let me settle for less than I am capable of. I am pursuing a daunting career, but I know God has called me for this purpose and to this place." – Lauren Routeledge, BFA Musical Theatre | 2022

"ASOTA has been such a blessing for me. I transferred to UM spring semester of my sophomore year and just fell in love. I've been challenged by my professors and my peers to do my absolute best, and I've grown so much from it. The Chair of the Theatre Department, Stewart Hawley, really pushes me as an actor physically (stage combat) and emotionally; it's been amazing! I feel like I am truly loved here and encouraged to keep pushing the boundaries as a performer." – Sabina Mana-ay, BFA Acting | 2021


The process is simple.

1. Audition for our faculty.
2. Apply to the University of Mobile.