Graduate Studies

Learn, be challenged and grow as a part of our 21st century classroom for music, performance and worship. In the Alabama School of the Arts Graduate Studies at the University of Mobile you have the opportunity to work with world class teacher-artists who are active in their field, all in an environment of care, collaboration and support.

Dr. Lori Guy

Department Chair
“As one of only a handful of graduate music programs in the US that offer cross-stylistic musical training in both the applied studio and classroom, your time in our creative and caring environment will broaden your knowledge and application of performance and teaching skills that will equip you to thrive in this ever-changing music marketplace.”

Performance - Piano, M.M.

The Master of Music in Piano Performance is designed to be a twenty-first century degree to train students to become professional pianists in a collaborative and cross-training environment. This degree will prepare you to go directly into a professional pianist career.

Performance - Vocal, M.M.

Prepare for your future as a professional vocalist with the Masters of Music in Vocal Performance at University of Mobile and Alabama School of the Arts. With collaborative training in both classical and commercial techniques, you will be prepared to go directly into a professional singing career, or to pursue doctoral studies in voice.

Music Education (Non-Certification), M.M.

Gain qualification for career advancement opportunities while expanding the reach of your current music academic program. The Master of Music in Music Education (non-certification) with Alabama School of the Arts is designed to support both part-time and full-time in-service music educators with professional graduate training in a Christ-centered environment. As a graduate of the MM in Music Ed (non-certification) degree, you will also be prepared to continue toward doctoral programs in music education. The MM in Music Ed program is approved by the National Association of Schools of Music and is pending SACSCOC approval.

Performance - Vocal, D.M.A.

This uniquely designed program will prepare you for performance & teaching across multiple styles, including contemporary, musical theatre opera and others. The Doctor of Musical Arts in Vocal Performance at Alabama School of the Arts provides you opportunities to develop your performance abilities while expanding their knowledge of music literature and vocal technique.

Musical Theatre, M.A.

Continue your theatrical training and earn your masters degree in one year through the Master of Arts in Musical Theatre with Alabama School of the Arts. This degree will prepare you as an advanced professional practitioner or teacher of theatrical practice as you become a vested marketable performer in theatre. As a graduate of this degree program, you will also be prepared to further your educational training and goals toward a DMA or DFA.

Worship Leadership & Theology, M.A.

Worship Leaders serving the church today must often choose between a graduate degree that helps them excel in the arts or one that strengthens their theological foundation.

We don’t think you should have to choose.

The Master of Arts in Worship Leadership & Theology is designed to deepen the Worship Leader’s theological framework while providing practical, hands-on training in the arts, technology, and ministry leadership.

Assistantship Opportunities

Alabama School of the Arts is thrilled to offer a limited number of assistantships to residential students within the graduate performance degrees. To apply for an assistantship, click the link below.

What does NAME think about the Graduate program?

"I utilize information from my UM coursework everyday in my teaching! The material covered and lab teaching sessions in the Pedagogy courses have been invaluable as I encounter new students and new vocal challenges! I am so thankful to the faculty in ASOTA. They provided me with the personal attention I needed and tailored lessons for my teaching style and I’m also thankful for the many performance opportunities I had at UM! The rehearsals taught me so much about discipline and creating a character. Lastly, it taught me diligence, creativity, and the importance of collaboration." – Grace Denton, DMA Vocal Performance | 2021

"Education is a personal journey you can take anytime during the course of your life. Higher education is optimum when you are younger, without the distractions of family or life journeys. However, I worked for 25 years after graduating college, traveled the world, and started a family before approaching a masters degree. Even though I was concerned about the age difference, this path was just as fulfilling as I could ever expect. UM caters to the individual and their own speed while demanding the very best of you. There are many opportunities to play multi- styles and these performances help you grow as a well rounded performer and educator." – Greg Wiggins, MM Piano Performance | 2019

"This school has the ability to offer you the same caliber of individualized training as a larger university or conservatory, but at a more intimate capacity. The smaller-scale size of the program gave me an opportunity to become closer with the faculty. They all encouraged me to become a better artist, leader, and mentor, and gave me the right tools to further hone my craft as an operatic tenor." – Eric Botto, MM Vocal Performance | 2020

"The Master of Arts in Worship Leadership and Theology degree is very well designed. As a 20 year veteran in music ministry, with an undergraduate degree in music, I was seeking an opportunity to continue my education in leadership and theology. That is exactly what this degree offers. Great care has been taken to make sure the content is relevant and engaging, and feedback was welcomed and received. Good interaction between professor and student was maintained, despite the fact that most of the classes were not operated in person. I greatly benefitted from the intensive classes on campus, that gave opportunity to further personal relationships through in-person interaction as well. As a recent graduate, I feel my understanding of leadership and theology is much greater, and my confidence in taking my own leadership opportunities to new heights is better, thanks to this 2 years of intensive study at the University of Mobile." – Mark Willard, MA Worship Leadership & Theology | 2020


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