Production Technologies

Become the technician you were created to be. Gain the relevant, practical and innovative training that will equip you for life after graduation. With the hands-on experience you will gain with ASOTA through a wide-range of live events and studios, you will be prepared to leave your mark in the world of production.

Dr. Steve Bowersox

Department Chair
“Most technicians want to be both effective and excellent in their craft. In order to do that, they need relevant, practical and innovative training that equips them to lead today’s church and production venues. We equip leaders to be excellent in their craft and sound in their theology.”

Scholarships are Available for Future Production Technologies Students

Alabama School of the Arts is proud to offer our Production Technologies students scholarships
during their academic journey here, at the University of Mobile.

Production Technologies, B.S.

It's the artist behind the camera, the console, and the switcher that bring an event to life. Graduates from this program will be armed with the understanding and skills to combine the elements of audio, video and lighting into live and recorded events that impact audiences beyond measure. Apply for a scholarship through completing our Interview Application below.

What does NAME think about the Production Technologies program?

"I came to the University of Mobile as a transfer. I always knew I wanted to be in the creative field. When I saw how much hands-on experience we get with the visualization lab, studio, and every single event, I was hooked. Every event is run by students in the technology department. I was able to add to my resume things that might take other people years because of the amount of hours we are able to work directly with the Production Technologies department and the many productions and events we confidently accomplished. Our instructors prepare us each day and provide us with connections of professionals. They stay extra hours, answer calls on off days, and go above and beyond to make sure that we can do whatever task. God led me in the perfect direction for my career path."– Allyson Judkins, BS Production Technologies | 2020

"My life since graduating has consisted of touring the world as a Front of House Audio Engineer, Production Manager, and Tour Manager. I've traveled to 15 different countries and worked in 200+ unique and different venues in the US on multiple large-scale concert tours, as well as some iconic venues like Sony Hall in New York and the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. I've worked with multiple artists across all genres; Pop, Country, Alternative, and Christian. My time at the University of Mobile helped me to realize how important it is to choose your career path wisely, that personal development and growth can come in many different forms and no matter what anyone tells you, you can succeed and make an impact in the world." – Josh Dailey, BS Production Technologies | 2014


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