Department of Visual Arts

There is a personal and social significance to art. The creative process fosters growth, change, expansion of ideas, understanding, and potential.Grow in your own understanding of how Christian principles can help you achieve meaningful contact with the world around you through your own self-expression and creative processes.

Phil Counselman

Department Chair
“The art department at the University of Mobile offers several degrees in studio and graphic arts. These programs provide you with a well-rounded knowledge and extensive training in a variety of graphic design and studio areas. Our degrees encourage specialization within the field of the visual arts. Our faculty work closely with our students to develop your technical and conceptual abilities, and to guide you through developing a professional portfolio. The art department looks forward to working with you on the beginning of your career in the arts.”

Bachelor of Arts – Art

Art courses will challenge your skill and help you push the limits of your own art. Learn to communicate visually and pursue a career that requires a strong emphasis on design. Our BA in Art is a flexible degree, which combines a strong liberal arts education with studio practice. The BA will allow you to minor in Graphic Design or in another field of interest. In addition, a BA is ideal for those students interested in a range of post-graduate fields and art related professional careers.

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Studio Art

Earning your professional degree in Studio Art provides you a more intensive course of study than the traditional Bachelor of Arts alone. With a well-rounded knowledge of art history, extensive training in a variety of studio areas, and encouraged specialization within the field, you will leave ASOTA prepared to be a professional visual artists, enter a specific art field or continue your education at the graduate level.

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design

Prepare for your entry into the professional design industry. Earning your BFA in Graphic design will give you the strong foundation in studio art, art history and graphic design you will need. This professional degree program provides you a more intensive course of study than a traditional Bachelor of Arts alone. You will work closely with faculty to develop your technical and conceptual abilities, as they guide you through developing your professional portfolio.

Graphic Design Certificate

Make your degree in any major more valuable with a certificate in Graphic Design, when you complete 12 hours of Graphic Design coursework. This certificate is offered to students enrolled at the University of Mobile in other degree areas, but with an interest in Graphic Design. This certifies that a student has gained proficiency using industry standard design software and a keen understanding of the foundations of visual design.

What does NAME think about the Visual Arts program?

"While I have a passion for graphic design, I grew up loving music as well! I was in show choir for 10 years before graduating high school, so I knew I wanted to go to a university where participating in both music and art was possible. This is why I chose UM and ASOTA! I am so grateful the ASOTA faculty & staff were able to work with me to help me stay involved with concerts and rehearsals while being enrolled full time in art classes. I am so blessed that I am able to be involved in both of the things that are dear to my heart!" – Sophie Eberhard, BFA Graphic Design | 2021

"I really love how much the art teachers care about the success of their students. They not only offer tips for improvement, but they also encourage students' creativity and distinct styles, which is very valuable. As a Studio Art major I am able to mold my God-given talents to explore and experience the art world as a whole in one place. There are many different types of art offered in this major including Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Ceramics, and even Photography. There is always something new to discover with art, and that is why I love it so much. Being a Studio Art major in ASOTA allows me to express who I am and what I love to do freely. I consider it a huge blessing I was led to the University of Mobile." – Brittany Campbell, BFA Studio Art | 2021

"Art Professors Megan Cary and Phillip Counselman made all of the difference in my education at UM. They created a learning atmosphere that was personally invested in each individual student's learning style. They made sure that I was provided with ample opportunities to intern with various professionals and businesses in the Mobile area and practice interviewing for future jobs." – Julianne Patterson, BA Graphic Design | 2018

"The Alabama School of the Arts at the University of Mobile provided me with the tools and resources to not only sharpen my artistic skills, but also discover my purpose and calling as a graphic designer. My time as a graphic design major helped solidify my love for design and opened my eyes to the endless opportunities being a designer could bring. The faculty showed me how I could utilize the skills and gifts God gave me to make an impact on the world around me. Through their mentoring and the hands-on classroom experiences, I was able to develop the skills needed to succeed after graduating." – Heath Vester, Graphic Design, 2012


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