Department of Music

Music must always move forward. Through the collaborative, cross-training experience we offer, the Department of Music is ready to guide you as you prepare for your career in music.

Production Technologies

Become the technician you were created to be. We equip our students to be leaders who are excellent in their craft and sound in their theology. You need relevant, practical and innovative training that equips you for life after graduation. That’s why the University of Mobile has designed a program that provides world-class leaders to train, empower and equip you to be the leader you are called to be. With hands-on experience in a wide-range of live events and studios, you will be prepared to leave your mark in the world of Production.

Department of Theatre

The vibrant and exciting world of theatre is constantly evolving, creating new career opportunities. Prepare for your career in professional theatre though performance opportunities and exceptional classroom training within an environment that will help you learn the significance of empathy and compassion gained though the Christian perspective offered in the Department of Theatre.

Department of Visual Arts

There is a personal and social significance to art. The creative process fosters growth, change, expansion of ideas, understanding and potential. Grow in your own understanding of how Christian principles can help you achieve meaningful contact with the world around you through your own self-expression and creative processes.

Department of Worship Leadership

Become the leader you were called to be. In order to be both effective and excellent in your ministry, you need relevant, practical and innovative training. The Department of Worship Leadership offers degree programs which train, empower and fully equip our students to lead with excellent musical skill and sound theology. The practical experience approach in our academics and through our extra curricular opportunities provides students an invaluable amount of leadership experience prior to graduation. Experience the presence of God through your spiritual, academic, relational and musical growth.

Interested in Graduate Studies?

Learn, be challenged and grow as a part of our 21st-century classroom for music, performance and worship. In the Alabama School of the Arts Graduate Studies Department at the University of Mobile, you have the opportunity to work with world-class teachers-artists who are active in their field, all in an environment of care, collaboration and support.