Mar 30, 2021 @ 7:00 PM
University of Mobile – Academic Park Lawn

For 12 years, Prospero, living in exile on a remote and uninhabited Island with only his daughter, Miranda (a young girl who has seen no other human but her father), Caliban (the son of the island’s former ruler, Sycorax), and Ariel (an “airy spirit” who has served as Prospero’s servant). Through deep meditative study, Prospero has learned the art of magic and uses his abilities to exert his authority and influence events. He causes a tempest to overtake the surrounding waters, shipwrecking the enemies responsible for his exile. Passengers from the ship are scattered and the island is thrown into chaos as murder, foolery, and love-at-first sight become the order of the day. Will Prospero ease the chaos and resolve all differences? Come see one of Shakespeare’s last written plays at the University of Mobile to find out!